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Food Find: Buddy Fruits Pure Fruit Bites

Came across these single serving packets at Walmart last week:

Buddy Fruits Pure Fruit Bites are not listed on their website yet but are shown on their Facebook fan page. I blundered into an endcap display in the food section that had both the squeeze fruits and the fruit bites. The orange sounded nice so I picked some up for testing:

Each bag is listed as 1 serving of fruit and contains fruit extracts, apple juice concentrate, apple puree concentrate, orange juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, fruit pectin, natural orange flavor and glazing agent. They are not gluten free with a warning that they may contain a touch of wheat starch.

The bags are resealable and heavy duty, crossing my mind that the bags would work well for stashing servings of trail mix while hiking – dual purpose! And are also recyclable.

The flavor was nice, pleasant and not artificial tasting. The texture even better – soft and chewy without feeling like you might lose a filling. I enjoyed them so much I “forgot” to tell Ford I was testing … hehheh! Not so often I can find a fruit snack that is dye free and without added refined sugar so yum!

Not easy to find yet, but worth keeping an eye out for them.


3 thoughts on “Food Find: Buddy Fruits Pure Fruit Bites

  1. If you think the orange is good try the raspberry!! My kids think its a treat, they don’t know how healthy they are.

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