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Food Find: Glazed Cashews

If my suspicions are correct I have reviewed this product before – but under the name of the company making it – rather than as the now privately branded version. Not an issue though, eh? The tube of nuts was calling to me as I grabbed a latte this morning on the way home from the gym:

At $1.75 for a 1.5 ounce packet it isn’t cheap but is at least a mostly healthy indulgence. Enough cashews to satisfy an appetite with a few small bits of pomegranate jellies.

The tubes are sold at most Starbucks up at the counter and I have also seen them at the grocery store SB’s as well, making it an easily grabbed treat for your backpack as you head out of town (because for me…well….Starbucks is a non-negotiable part of hiking 😉 )


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