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Saturday Two-Fer Hiking

Teresa and her daughter had come down South today and we got out for a couple hikes nearby – as she had never been to the sister state parks down the road from my house – and both are very kid friendly. That and at the end of a week long sinus infection I wasn’t feeling much like walking uphill. I left the kidlings at home and enjoyed some really crisp cold air!

Our first stop was Nolte State Park which was officially open for the season meaning we didn’t have to park along the road (yay). We let the Madsters pick which park and she said Lake. Good choice. Deep Lake and its loop trail is a winner with little ones – and it was my second time in the past few weeks to go out there! Add in that at the end there is not only a nice playground but a kid’s climbing wall and she was even happier.

Teresa’s daughter who is now the same age as when Ford was when I first met Teresa (back in 2003!). Scary seeing her daughter at over 5 now :-O

Teresa spied for both of us our first Trillium of the year. Oh yes! Spring, are you really coming? Did I mention we were hiking at around 500 feet elevation due to the extreme snow this year? Weeeeee!

A nice overcast day where the green just popped.

Teresa ahead of me:

When we came to the inlet creek it was really pouring into the lake. The past 2 weeks it either snowed or rained nearly nonstop.

So as we wrapped around the head of the lake I wasn’t shocked to see how high the lake was –

The lake was over much of the trail at the end.

The graveyard of trees was floating a bit nicely today:

Teresa doing her little happy dance. Something about spring being in the air. I think.

Kiddo hanging out with the many blow downs:

Red Huckleberry:

We checked out the mini nature loop which is a quiet stroll off the main trail –

Thick growth on a nurse log:

After a long and relaxing lunch (and playtime for the kiddo) we headed down the road to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park and checked out the trails on the Green River.

The river was moving very fast and very deep today (again…all that rain has been scary – I do treat the Green River with a lot of respect due to the issues ongoing with the dam above it).

It was loud, pretty and freezing cold!

A very relaxing day out!