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Food Find: Jelly Belly Superfruit Mix

As many of our readers know I haven’t consumed artificial coloring in a long time (for over 5 years now) so when on that rare occasion I find candy that is dye-free and actually tastes like what mainstream candy tastes like I get pretty excited. To most people this isn’t a big issue but consider this: I haven’t had a Jelly Belly in over FIVE YEARS! And I loved them before I was told to remove dyes from my life.

So when hanging in the snack section at REI were bags of Jelly Belly Superfruit Mix you might have heard me squealing in excitement – or something.

Not only are the jelly beans dyed with natural dyes (from fruit) but no corn syrup or artificial flavors. They are also gluten free.

While not as bright or intense as traditional Jelly Belly’s they are better than the average “natural” jelly beanĀ  – crafted with attention and the naturally sourced colors are brighter than average. If offered to a hiking partner they would not notice the difference – unlike the natural version of M&M’s I have as a treat on rare occasions (Sunspire SunDrops) where Kirk looks over and is “eeewwww….those are your natural ones”.

If you love Jelly Belly’s and you love fruit flavors you will LOVE these. Soft, chewy and pleasantly flavored.

Not cheap…but then after these past 5 years I have found I savor candy now. There is so little I can buy and when there is something that I can it is so expensive I piece it out. I hope Jelly Belly keeps making at least one version natural!


2 thoughts on “Food Find: Jelly Belly Superfruit Mix

  1. Always looking for dye free foods, snacks, and drinks for my 6 year old. Past 3 years we’ve been dye free bc my daughter has a very bad reaction to dyes! She even looks to see if she can have the stuff! We’ve taken it out of soaps, make-up, food, everything in the house!

  2. Understand it so much! Every time you think a product couldn’t have it added….it is sad when even mac and cheese has dye!
    PS: My personal blog at – I talk a lot about unprocessed foods/natural/organic as well.

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