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Food Find: Picnic Potato Salad

We tried out Packitgourmet’s no-cook Picnic Potato Salad:

Potato mix (with seasoning). 4 packets relish and 4 packets mayo:

I followed the no cook directions, adding cool water along with the relish and mayo and then letting it sit for a good 20 minutes. You can also speed up the preparation by using warm (not boiling or hot) water, which cuts the time a bit. The prepping is extremely easy and you needn’t stir even, just seal the bag and shake gently until mixed, then let sit on its side for time as directed.

The flavor is good. It is neither salty nor heavy tasting – I was wondering if it would have a heavy texture due to the packets of mayo, but it doesn’t. The seasoning with the potatoes is good, it isn’t harsh. As a side dish to their All-American Burger Wrap this would be a winner. Only note is let it rehydrate for as long as you can. I tasted it at 20 minutes and then at 30. At 30 it was much better, the potatoes really need time to soak up all the flavors for best texture.