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Food Find: New Source For Spices and More

While out shopping for myself this weekend I was in William-Sonoma and noticed their ample spices and herb section that has had new varieties added of late. The collection is at 75 varieties now. I picked up a jar of the ground Tahitian vanilla bean for 9.95, a large jar I might add. Williams-Sonoma is known for being a bit indulgent but the prices of the spices were not only in line with grocery stores on many they were even better priced. And you get as I mentioned large gorgeous glass jars full of high quality spices.

Now that vanilla bean? Consider the possibilities in meals where you would love vanilla – cocoa, oatmeal, rice pudding and so forth.

They are also carrying jars of pure maple flakes (sprinkle away on oatmeal!), galangal powder for delicious Thai style meals, dried Meyer lemon peel, dried lime peel, sun dried tomato flakes and even blood orange peel. Believe me, I was estatic as lime peel isn’t something you see in the majority of spice aisles!

Some of the line is online for sale but for best choice find where the nearest store is and go visit. Just don’t look at the prices on anything else 😉


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