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Oilive Oil Find

While I wouldn’t call this a true “trail food” find it is something I would love eating while hiking – so in my world it fits 😉 I received a couple sample bottles recently of Three Olives™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

The tiny bottles I received were a double bonus – not only were they full of lovely oil, the bottles are perfect weekend size (PS: To the company, Artisanal Kitchens, you should sell those mini bottles!). I use olive oil a lot for both at home and trail cooking and while I often carry the packets (for ease in carrying) I prefer a light tasting, almost peppery flavor – lets just say bolder flavored oil if I am noshing on it.

So no, I don’t expect you to all run out and buy large bottles to carry with you, but I can say that the oil would be perfect to pour into a container for a weekend trip – especially if you enjoy no cook salads or carrying loaves of bread (both of which I do – Ford often has carried a still warm loaf on the back of his pack, picked up from the bakery as we left town). Indulge when one can!

PS: The oil is from US grown (California) olives.


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