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Food Find: Two More Go Picnic Meals

For a quick snack while out hiking today Kirk, Ford and I shared two more of the Go Picnic kits. Everyone got a couple bites to taste and was a fun way to try out new to us products.

Ford had asked that we try the Salami + Cheese:

Full of crackers, cheese spread, meat, a cookie and more and even a small knife:

Buttery crisp crackers slathered with creamy cheese and slices of salami – yum! I am rarely a fan of salami (or any summer sausage, etc), it being pre-sliced thin was nice and it tasted quite nice. And more so…no greasy hands or knife to clean up.

For me the vegan friendly Hummus + Crackers:

It featured some very good bitter chocolate, hummus, gluten free crackers and even a spicy trail mix:

Both kits were tasty, fresh and fun to nibble through.


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