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Sunday DayHiking – Ebey’s Landing

Huh….so the news is in: We set a record for an uber crappy April this year here in the greater Seattle area. Can we get a big woo-hoo? Cause these nasty springs make people move to Tucson šŸ˜€ I quote “And, of course, sunshine was in short supply. While we broke a streak of 56 straight days without an official sunny day on April 23, the overall average sky cover for March and April was 80.1%.“. No wonder then when we get a true sunny day everyone pulls on their hiking pants and run to the nearest trail they can find. Snort! And of course we did that as well. Duh. Never waste a sunny day in Washington!

Kirk and I went up to Whidbey Island to celebrate my brother’s birthday – his birthday gift was watching Ford and Walker for a couple hours while we went hiking. Heh! My brother lives in the area that is covered by the Ebey Preserve, up above Penn Cove (if you have ever eaten Penn Cove mussels you will recognize the name). He lives less than half a mile from Ebey’s Landing, which I often hiked when I lived on The Island (8 years since I left The Island), as Ebey’s is just up the road from where I worked.

We took the ferry over yesterday morning. The water was very calm and there were birds in the water the majority of the way (it was VERY calm!). Mt. Baker in the distance.

Zoom in of Baker, with the Black Buttes covered in white. All of the peaks were visible yesterday, from Baker, the North Cascades, Central Cascades, Rainier and all of the Olympics. It was an amazing mountain day!

Puttering past the other ferry:

After dropping off the kid and baby we headed over to Ebey’s Landing. It was packed but lets put it this way: a busy day there is a lonely day on a trail down where we live. The long drive and or ferry ride/cost keeps people not over running it. We walked up to the top of the bluff to get on the bluff trail. The overlook is the Strait of Juan de Fuca with Port Townsend across the water and the Olympic Mountains floating in the air.

Looking down the trail, down to Ebey’s Reserve and the Landing:

Looking North, along West Beach, far below:

Me, with the Olympic Mountains behind me:

Kirk ahead of me as we walked the Bluff Trail with the lagoon first peeking:

The scenery is always pretty at Ebey, no matter if the wind is howling or it is sunny. The one quirky thing is the rain shadow it sits in – there are cacti that grow here.

The trail ahead of us:

One thing I truly miss about Island Living is the trees. Gnarled from the cold winds they grown stunted and warped:

Looking back, with Fort Casey in the far distance:

Another look back:

The lagoon was very dark and opaque this year:

It was very hazy due to the bright sun but yeah, the Olympics were gorgeous:

Looking up West Beach, towards Ft. Ebey State Park. The trail heads down to the beach and one can hike the beach to Ft. Ebey (Ford and I used to do this often when he was little!):

Kirk ahead of me as we headed down to the beach:

The lagoon just above sea level:

Kirk hopping logs. We took the lagoon trail most of the way (most people take the beach back):

The lagoon trail is usually warmer, the driftwood gives a wind break. It was though quite warm yesterday and the logs were not helping.

As we walked between the sections of the lagoon we finally caved and looked for a break in the driftwood. The smell of the lagoon was er….a bit pungent this year and very cloudy. Pretty, but too late in the year!

Looking back.

In the driftwood this caught my eye:

A tiny fern growing in a pocket with another plant from last year. Finding its own little grow area!

Kirk and I walked the beach back the last half or so mile. The oddest thing was a washed up octopus we saw. Large octopus live in the area but this was my first time seeing one beached. Only the center of it was left, it was large. Seals I have seen before, but not that. Cool and gross all at once!

It was a lovely dayhike and the sun was glorious.


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