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Book Finds: Creaky Knees Guides

A recent pick I found at our local Costco is a great guidebook for hikers in Washington State. The Creaky Knees Guide Washington: The 100 Best Easy Hikes in the State came out in 2009. The author, Seabury Blair, Jr is well known for his local dayhiking books and the Creaky Knees is just as good – I happen to love his sense of humor. The book might be aimed at those feeling a bit gimpy but anyone can use the book. I’d go as far as to call it a great resource for drumming up hike ideas with kids – since most “kid friendly hike” books tend to be on the lamer side. Or for introducing friends to hiking who haven’t walked more than a mile since they were a kid. It covers much of Washington State, making it a great “starter” book for ideas.

The publishing company has also brought out The Creaky Knees Guide Oregon: The 80 Best Easy Hikes by Seabury and coming soon isĀ The Creaky Knees Guide Northern California: The 80 Best Easy Hikes by another author. This is a series of guide books I can get behind!