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Fuel Saving One Pot Quinoa

Recently added to Trail Cooking is an easy method for preparing quinoa on the trail without cooking it for 15 to 20 minutes nor having to cook it at home and dehydrate it. Now don’t get me wrong, precooking and dehydrating is fab to do! You can have truly instant quinoa that is easily used in add-cold-water salads! But if there is one often asked question it is whether or not there is a shortcut. And there is – which in my opinion can produce a better tasting and better textured dinner than traditional cooking.

And this method is doable on alcohol stoves – if you have a 7 minute frame time of fuel you can do it. Unlike how most cook it, the seeds stay fluffy and have that bite – and it isn’t all soggy (y-u-c-k). Head over to TrailCooking for the how-to!

On a side note we get our quinoa at Costco in nice sized bags. It is organic and prewashed and is a fraction of the cost that grocery stores charge. I got all crazy recently and bought a single pound of black quinoa that cost nearly as much as the multi pound package of white at Costco. Eek! (Want to see how I cook it at home? See my personal blog Gazing In)