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Oldie Book Find

Obviously I loooveee going through moldering old bookstores and finding “vintage” copies of guidebooks. And a cover can win me over instantly. For example? This book just had to come home with me:

How could I pass up a book with such a fine cover? A manly man in short shorts, white sunglasses and the sweetest mustache in ages! The fanny pack alone had me running up to the counter!

In all seriousness though I use books like Mountain Bike Adventures in Washington’s South Cascades and Olympics to plan trips (especially now with Baby Walker I am always looking for jogger stroller friendly ideas) – and prefer to find vintage copies for a real reason. You can find routes not talked about anymore and cross compare them with current books. Often routes are still open but the pressure is there for writers/publishers to not write about them. So no matter where you live if you collect old guidebooks you might find a few hidden gems!


One thought on “Oldie Book Find

  1. Great way to discover hidden gems, I would have never thought of that! I think I might try your trick.

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