Social Media and The Change In Blogging

In recent months I have had a few unhappy readers vocalize their being upset with how my blog has changed in the past 1 and half years. What they don’t like is when I talk about my children. The plain and simple truth is guys (and by guys, I mean men – it has only been men), my kids are part of me. Having babies doesn’t mean giving up hiking but it does cause a shift in what we can do. A long time ago I was a single mom with a tiny 3 year old who toddled behind me – long before the concept of blogging was even in my eyes. I remember being excited the first time Ford was able to hike 3 miles and then 4 and then that summer he hiked his first 10 miler at 4½ years of age. Back then I often talked about Ford and the adventures we took –

But as many parents do, once the kid get older you let them have their own lives and don’t talk about them as much. Ford will be 14 this fall so I respect that he should have privacy. I am with my youngest daily, I am a SAHM (stay at home mom) who just happens to have a side gig doing what I love. When I go walking, hiking, strolling , whatever – Walker is always with me – so it is very natural that I talk about him. Yeah, I know – hearing (reading) me wax on about my Stroller 5000 may not be exciting but that stroller is the reason I get outside, so to me IT is a big deal. I get excited when my baby walks in the woods with me, when he stops and starts getting all excited over a stick, a squirrel, over the blue sky. I’ll someday be back to doing death marches on the PCT – sooner than later – and I’ll talk about those things when they happen. But for now this is who I am.

But more than that, there is a vast group of women and men with children/grandchildren/etc who also want to know how to get their kids out – so yes, I will continue to talk about my hiking with them. (If you are someone who hikes with kidlings please check out Outdoor Baby Network, you will love it!)

This shift in my style of blogging doesn’t mean I have changed who I am though, nor what I do trail cooking wise. Recipes still get posted on Trail Cooking, food and gear finds still posted on this blog. I culled out most of my personal life (with as much kid stuff) and started heavily posting on my personal blog, Gazing In, where I often blog 2 to 4 times a day.

But most of all what I have noticed in the past year is how much more popular our Facebook Fan Pages are. If you are like me and you love Facebook for its ease in sharing, well, hanging out on the Freezer Bag Cooking page is natural. It is so much more interactive than the blog or the website. I love it when readers post photos, comments, etc – I often post quick things such as links that don’t make sense for a blog entry. As I mentioned, we maintain two Facebook Pages, the above mentioned FBC one and also one for TrailCooking. (I also have one for Gazing In as well) If you are on FB and haven’t checked us out, please do! I am often posting new things – it is simply so easy with my often busy life to maintain the FB pages but not always to get full blog entries done here. And if you have cool links or a blog you write, you are welcome to post them!

But most of all – it was a La Nina year guys, cut me a break, OK? The mountains are buried under snow (in some areas it is 100″ above normal still) and I didn’t feel like risking my life this past winter/spring to the horrid avalanches out there. Summer will come, the snow will (hopefully) melt and I will be back out there. But the kids will be talked about – after all, one of the best reasons to have kids is to hear them grumbling about how “this death march sucks” behind you.


10 thoughts on “Social Media and The Change In Blogging

  1. For every squeaky wheel grumbler, you have many silent supporters. Stay true to what you are doing, write about what you are moved to write about. We are not your customers, you are sharing a portion of your self with us and we can choose to read or not. I don’t read every post, I skim, read what I enjoy and move on. Any reader who wishes you to customize to their expectations, needs to get over themselves. Keep doing what you are doing. 🙂

  2. The CAPTCHA feature on your web site/contact us does not appear to be working. I can’t enter anything.

    I have a question about the freezerbag cozy.


  3. I for one am VERY excited about the number of moms that are getting outside with their kids. As a mom with a 2 1/2 year old, I understand what it’s like to want to climb the mountain, but have to limit the hike to a mile because that is all he will stand for. Even with shorter hikes or less adventurous adventures, what is lost by scaling back doesn’t compare to what is gained with watching our children explore and grow and learn to love the outdoors.

  4. Although my “kids” are young adults, I don’t mind reading about you and your kids. I applaud you, for sharing your love of the outdoors with them. Maybe they feel guilty.

  5. I found your blog because we have a young daughter and I’m looking for tips on getting her out on the trail. We don’t have to give up hiking because we have babies, we just need to alter the way it’s done for a bit.

  6. You go girl! Anyone who has had kids, especially those of us with the current version of that dreaded beast “the teenager” knows that any time spent with kids in the outdoors is precious and subject to writing.

  7. its your blog, you own it, talk about what’s true to you. if they’re unhappy, then can unsubscribe.

    i’m impressed you have the energy to blog still, about kids or not! we’re in the thick of a 2 1/2 yr old and a 9 mo old, and i can barely keep up basic functions – let alone blog about it!

  8. Ditto on the last post – love your posts, and as a Granny, it’s awesome to see your little dude out enjoying nature ~ Best Wishes, “Kreekwa”

  9. I’m new to your blog and love it. I hope to have kids in the near future and it is SO encouraging to hear someone talk about taking their kids to do what you love instead of forgoing your backpacking for several years!

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