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Food Find: SunRype Fruit and Veggie Snacks

We have reviewed SunRype products a number of times over the years – they are good tasting and great in a snack bag. If you haven’t seen SunRype before, look for them in the produce department of many grocery stores. They are often well hidden.

Recent finds?

Fruit & Veggie Squiggles in Strawberry flavor

Kids will love these – and and they taste a lot like a certain brand of energy bars kid’s fruit chews – but can be found for 3 for a $1 on sale. Methinks that trumps right there – and as an added bonus no added sugars (they use the natural sugar in the fruit) and hows about some Elderberry juice? You don’t see that added very often to food!

My favorite of the two we tried was the Fruit & Veggie Strip in Strawberry Banana:

For ‘fruit leather’ it was about the best I have had – chewy, soft and full of flavor. Something about them adding Elderberry Juice really makes the difference.

Ford was happy as well – one of his favorite trail snacks is their Mini Bites in Strawberry. As well these are found in the produce department and come in resealable bags. They are soft/chewy and pleasantly sweet – the sugar is like the other products, only coming from the juices. He got a bag for his pack as the company had a display with coupons that were a bargain to snap up.

Kids will love these – and so will us adults.


3 thoughts on “Food Find: SunRype Fruit and Veggie Snacks

  1. My kids LOVE these. I buy them as a special treat often, especially since one of my children has diet restrictions that prevent him from eating most fruit snacks but not these! I didn’t know they had the strawberry banana flavor. My local grocery doesn’t carry that flavor. 🙁 I’ve been experimenting in making my own only because I don’t care for all the packaging.

  2. Ami,
    If you have a good food processor you can crank out really nice ones at home. Once mixed, just press out onto parchment paper and form a square, then cut. Dried fruit works well in this!

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