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Food Find: Fruitzio Freeze-dried Fruit

Recently we received a goodie package from the folks at Fruitzio:

Packs of freeze-dried fruit in Kiwi, Apricots, Apples & Strawberries and Peaches. Being that the fruit is freeze-dried it is of course very light – the packs feel like air (you might almost wonder if the resealable pouch is heavier than the fruit!). The pieces are large though (a nice touch) and in the case of Kiwi it is thick slices of the fruit:

The bags are .88 of an ounce and about 2Ā½ servings for all flavors except for the Apple/Strawberry which is one servingĀ  – perfect for a dayhike or a weekend long trip.

Crispy, lightly sweet and nicely packaged. They can be found through their store and also on Amazon and other sources as well.


FTC Disclaimer: We received review samples for potential product review.

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