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Momma and Babies Hike

A combination of a Meet-Up group for moms, friends of friends and a few more ended up with 8 moms and 8 babies (good thing we were not on a wilderness trail!) meeting up this morning for a hike. Considering it was decently nice (and by that I mean no rain) and my other option for the day was going along with Ford’s class to the Municipal Waste Treatment Plant, yeah….hiking won out 😀 Walker was the oldest baby there – he turned 14 months today – with the youngest I think around 4 months old. It wasn’t a long hike either, a shy 3 miles, but Twin Falls is always pretty in late spring when the flowers open up. The trail had lots of hikers out today and plenty of kids! Walker’s nickname is Triple B (Bowling Ball Buns) and he is only getting heavier. I am glad each time I put that Deuter pack on that I bought a Deuter – and that we got the largest model! It rides well and my back feels great.

The morning started nice – we passed a huge Elk herd as we drove to the trailhead:

The highlight of the hike is the bridge over the river, where the waterfalls occur:

Walker and I (and wow, that is a way too bright pink top!)

Looking down at one of the waterfalls (there are actually more than two, oh well!)

Walker and I:

Looking upriver:

The ladies took their mid-hike break down at the bridge. Only problem is I was the only one with an active toddler – who no way was I letting out of his backpack to run around there. So he and I went back uphill to where there is a quiet off trail spot and he had lunch and then ran around having way too much fun with my sit pad:

Someone was very happy to get out of his backpack:

Dicentra on the way back:

Heading up the trail – Twin Falls is one of those trails where it goes up and down both directions:

Looking back through the trees to the waterfalls:

The river on the way back:


4 thoughts on “Momma and Babies Hike

  1. I might need to start using Meetup to get into contact with hikers in my area. Looks like the both of you had a great time together. You have a gorgeous kid and photos from that hike, congrats!
    How often do you and Walker go out on adventures like this one?

  2. Gonna check out some of your recipes – always down to try something healthy!

    We have that same child carrier and it rules. Have to admit I’m sad though that they grow out of them. 🙂 Lots of good memories to be made there.


  3. Thanks for posting this! I was interested about hiking here before, but never got around to it. These pictures show beautiful this hike can be, and I am excited to hit the trail soon.

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