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Raw Recipes For The Trail

If you follow my personal blog you might have noticed that I am incorporating more and more raw meals into our at home diet. It is fun, tasty and healthy. Obviously not everything I make can translate into trail meals but there some that have – and been very good – and “energy” or “granola” bars are the perfect start –

That has spilled over into hiking – once you make your own raw “energy” bars you won’t want to buy another overpriced (and semi-stale) bar unless you are lazy or have run out of time! There are good commercially made bars but finding them is a real issue – especially when they run $1 to 4 a BAR.

I buy the majority of the ingredients I use at home and on trail at Costco – something I never thought I would be using my membership for. Nuts and fruits are not cheap but at least more affordable there – and they are way more cheaper than buying premade bars!! Not only that, but they tend to be fresher, due to the high rate of turn-over. Once home I store the nuts tightly sealed in the refrigerator till needed. The other items I use vary from the grocery store to Whole Foods or similar for getting them. Make just what you need, right before you need them for the best results (and freshness) and keep tightly wrapped and sealed. (PS: Costco has the best juiciest Medjool dates in the produce department. They are beyond good.)

The one downside is you need a food processor to handle the ingredients. The food processor that sat collecting dust in a cupboard is now being used almost daily in our kitchen. If you don’t have one see if you can borrow one!

Ideas to get you going:

Date Walnut Energy Bars

Raw Chocolate Cherry Brownies

Flourless Chocolate Cake

These Easy Nut and Chocolate Truffles can be adapted to be healthier:

Chocolate Energy Balls

Raisin and Almond Bars

Chocolate Chia Energy Bars

There will be more coming – it is an interesting way of eating to say the least.


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  1. Made a batch of the Date Walnut Energy Bars this evening – pretty grub! Thanks for sharing.


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