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Gear Find – Cool Off Wipes

We received samples of Cool Off towelettes, by The Quick Chill. It took some time to be able to try them – we have had the chilliest spring in 55 years of recording – this weekend though got nicely warm. The packets come in packs similar to single use hand towelettes and are made with a blend of herbs and natural extracts – along with with hazel and alcohol to leave a chilly feeling.

Does it work? Yes. It works very well. But….and a big but….the towelettes have a VERY strong perfume. If you don’t wear heavily scented products at home this will be eye watering strong. And it isn’t a natural herb scent either – it is a cloying perfume scent. And the scent hangs on – hours after using. This makes it a pretty bad choice for the backcountry – strong scent in animal territory? No thanks. And while some women may like the scent I cannot fathom men liking it.

Good product, good idea….but how about a version not so scented? For now I cannot say I would use them again. If the scent was a lot less I would.


FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples for potential review.

One thought on “Gear Find – Cool Off Wipes

  1. Sarah, I enjoyed the review of the wipes. Is this a new product that just came out? Because I have never seen or heard of them before. Where did you get the wipes from?


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