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The FBC Cozy Over The Years

I was thinking last night on just how many FBC cozies (Freezer Bag Cooking) I have made over the years (and I honestly have no idea, unless I ran the sales for them. All I know is I have sewn every single one of them and there has been many….). It has gotten harder to keep up with production – especially with Walker being an active toddler. So the styles and colors don’t change frequently like they did before.

If you don’t know the history of the FBC Cozy, in 2006 I started developing a fabric cozy that was lightweight, compactable, non-bulky and could be washed. By the end of 2006 I finally had a prototype I was mostly happy with. It was 3 layers of fabric and a lot bigger than they are now but it worked and I had figured out the 3D part in my mind for sewing them.

Me using it on a late fall hike in the mountains that year:

I still crank them out though – In 2007 when I took them live I had no idea if I would even sell 1 one of them. But sell they did. The first venue I took them to was the PCTA Trails event in Seattle in March of 2007. It was first “trails fest”, of which many more came after:

We sold a few that day and then they went live on the website and the orders started coming in. At this point I have shipped cozies all the way around the globe to nearly every country that has mail service and to every state in the US.

So want to see many of the versions I have made? Be forewarned…there are quite a few! I picked a number of photos for the gallery, including custom work I did. Want to see fan photos of their cozies on the trail? Head here.