Awhile back I received a press release from TerraCycle about reducing the burden of energy bar wrappers:

Recycling the Non-Recyclable: TerraCycle Works to "Leave No Trace" on the Earth

TRENTON, New Jersey - May 18, 2011 - This summer, instead of throwing out their
garbage, hikers and park-goers have another option for their non-recyclable trash
after they pack it out: sending it free of charge to pioneering company
TerraCycle(r) to be recycled. TerraCycle collects people's trash and recycles the
non-recyclable into eco-friendly, affordable, and practical products.

The "leave no trace" policy, which has evolved into the "pack it in, pack it out"
policy of taking all your trash out of the park with you, is furthered by
TerraCycle's Brigade(r) program, through which people can send in
difficult-to-recycle food wrappers for recycling and upcycling and earn cash for
charity. Usually, wrappers from products including Kashi, Bear Naked, CLIF BAR, and
Revolution Foods, among others, are non-recyclable.

TerraCycle upcycles some wrappers into tote bags, coolers, notebooks, laptop cases
and mini-speakers.  Wrappers that aren't upcycled are melted down and turned into
plastics such as trash cans, flower pots, and clipboards. The snacks that hikers use
while enjoying the outdoors can become eco-friendly, long-life products that support
the environment that hikers are enjoying. Instead of just leaving no trace on the
parks, hikers and outdoorsmen can also leave no trace on the Earth.

Anyone can sign up for TerraCycle's Brigade programs and send in their wrappers for
free. For every wrapper TerraCycle receives, two points are awarded that can be put
toward buying a specific charity gift, or converted to money and donated to a
charity of the participant's choice. Most importantly, the Brigade will be keeping
these wrappers out of the local landfills and off the ground.

So far, TerraCycle has kept over two billion pieces of trash from leaving their mark
on the Earth, and with its partners, dispersed over $2 million to charity through
the Brigade program.

For more information on how to sign up, send in trash and earn extra cash for your
favorite school or charity, visit www.terracycle.net