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New Gear: Primus AluTech 1.2 L Pot

When I got home this morning I had the surprise of a new box of gear waiting for me – from one of my favorite companies, Primus. When it comes to cooking pots and stoves, there are only a few companies I truly enjoy using – Primus, MSR, GSI Outdoors and Snowpeak are those brands that rarely let me down. But often I have felt that Primus is the brand that many don’t know about – it is well designed, simple gear that does what it is designed for. Without a lot of fluff added. And you get that well designed gear for a very good price I might add. (Have you read my review of their AluTech 1.4 Liter pot?)

So what showed up today?

A Primus AluTech 1.2 Liter pot – with screw on lid (with pasta strainer holes), fold-able insulated handles and a stuff sack. Big enough to cook one pot meals for 1-2 people, plenty of hot water for 1-2 people and its lightweight styling makes for easy carrying in a pack (it is just shy over 8 ounces). The pot is HAA (Hard Anodized Aluminum) – which as our readers know is my preferred choice o’ metal for cooking. Durable and naturally non-stick (although it isn’t true non-stick, if you do fry food on you can soak the pot or scrape it off). And did I mention this pot retails for a measly $32? It is a refreshing oddity in the current mindset of many manufacturers – just the pot and lid. Nothing else. No plates, bowls, cups, mugs, spoons, sporks. And $32 is a lot easier for a hiker to afford than $50 to $120. And more so, you get only what you need – just that one pot not a multiple of pots.

Being used on a typical canister stove:

It boils 4 cups water easily:

More to come!


FTC Disclaimer: We received this cookware for potential review from the manufacturer.

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