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Gear Find: Mama Luvs’s Reusable Sandwich Bags

This past weekend I came across a line of reusable fabric bags sewn here in Washington State. They come in two sizes, snack bag and sandwich bag size. The bags are made by Mama Luvs.

They have two options, Velcro closure and drawstring. Both work great but I found that the Velcro one would be superior for using in hiking.

The sandwich bags have a pleat on the bottom.

If anyone has looked for a reusable and washable bag for carrying food items (obviously not wet food, dry only) take a look. The interior is lined with a nylon material, cotton on the outside. There is a tiny gap on the closure that would allow small items to fall through  (the drawstring bag would work better in that way) but used for bars, nuts, candy, etc this is a nice option for the food bag.

I don’t have a weight for the bags – my office is packed up currently as we are remodeling and my scale is tucked away – the bags are feather weight though, no heavier than a shy ounce for the larger bag.


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