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Food Find: Sweet Chili Sauce

I happen to love sweet chili sauce and will put it on nearly anything (boring mac n’ cheese? bland ramen? dump some on!).It hasn’t always been easy to find in grocery stores until recent years but could be found online. Sweet chili sauce is starting to (finally) take America by storm and is getting easier to find and you know it is becoming a staple when one finds it at….McDonald’s. Yep, McDonald’s.

And even better? It is in single serving tubs of 1 ounce each. The chain updated their dipping sauces recently and added it to the line (they have 6 dips now).

It is a thick and smooth sauce with a close taste to many bottled versions – some heat, some sweetness.

The ingredient list isn’t particularly horrid either – not much different than a bottle at the grocery store (although it does contain sodium benzoate).

These little single serving tubs are perfect for drizzling on rice, pasta, adding to chicken wraps. Take a peanut sauce recipe and add one or two tubs for even better recipe….

So how does one get these tubs? Most McDonald’s will sell the tubs, usually for 10 cents or so. Ask nicely and if you are ordering other items often they will just toss 1 or 2 in.


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