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Costco Find: Freeze-Dried Fruit

Costco has changed the boxes of individual servings of freeze-dried fruit recently, dropping the one they had and carrying instead a Kirkland branded of Oregon Freeze Dry (which is the parent of Mountain House). The 20 count boxes have 3 varieties: plain apples, cinnamon spiced apples and strawberry/banana. The apples are US grown, the strawberries are US and Chile grown, the bananas from China.

Each bag is a single serving and weighs .35 for the apples and .42 of an ounce for the Strawberries and bananas.

The texture is for me what gets a high rating – freeze-dried fruit is hit or miss, this is done right. They are light and crispy with no icky hard cores in the center (some brands of apples can be pretty bad). They are also ripe so are not bitter or sour. The cinnamon apples are pleasantly flavored without being “hot” from the cinnamon.

All are excellent for snacking and for using in recipes. Look for the boxes in the snack section of Costco, near the energy and granola bars.