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Dr. Drip Coffee

New to the scene is Dr. Drip Coffee, an easy to use way to make fresh coffee on the trail (or really anywhere) using ground coffee, not instant. The entire packaging is compostable (and or recyclable for the outer box) – all of it – making it a friendly choice. (I am testing it out in our backyard composter btw!)

Since decaf is often the sad cousin of coffee I decided to try a cup of their Decaffeinated Premium first. It shockingly passed and well – it would have fooled me on that it was decaf. Strong fresh aroma when you open the vac sealed bag, a delicious smell (yes, Sarah loves her coffee….)

The directions are shown on the back of the outer packaging in easy to follow drawings (and in case you were ignoring that packaging the filter holder has the drawings printed on it as well).

As with a traditional drip filter you pour water slowly over the grounds, letting it filter through and then add more:

I brewed a full 2 cups of coffee that was rich, deep in flavor and taste and more so very easy to make. What I appreciated most was that the coffee wasn’t bitter in taste nor was it acidic in flavor. Now onto the packaging? Easy enough to deal with. When you take the filter off your mug, fold it closed gently and squeeze it carefully – don’t waste any coffee goodness. Then let it sit on a rock or wherever and dry out while you enjoy your cup of joe. Grinds dry out quick enough (as do tea leaves), then pack out. If it ends up in the dump at the end of the trip you at least know it will rot nicely there….


FTC Disclaimer: We received samples for potential reviews.

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