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Food Finds: Zac Bars

Two lines of snack/energy bars made locally in Washington State, by Fairlight Bakery, are the Zac Omega Bars and Zac Attack Snack Bars.

The Omega bars are in the 250-ish calorie range (some more than others) and come in 5 varieties to choose from:

The bars are hefty, moist and with my favorite..lots of filling:

The Attack Snack are truly snack size at 150 calories each and come in two flavors:

The snack bars are nice and compact, soft and with plenty of fruit filling:

The bars are a good source of Omega-3, fiber and protein and are made naturally with no preservatives.The Marionberry bar was a treat, outside of the PNW one rarely sees Marionberries used. The Peanut butter & Strawberry Jam tastes like fresh natural style PB, a treat for me as I don’t eat partially hydrogenated peanut butter and many energy bars don’t spring for the good stuff. Toddler recommended as well – the baby enjoyed nibbling on the Marionberry and the Attack Strawberry bars.

For best results the bakery does recommend eating them within 2 weeks when stored in normal temperatures or storing in the refrigerator (due to the Omega) for up to 6 months. So while not easy to take say on a long trip or a thru-hike, for the average hiker out for a day or a weekend they are a new choice to add to the snack bag.


FTC Disclaimer: We were provided with samples for potential review.

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