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Gear Review: Primus Compact Utensil Kit

Over the years I have tried a number of utensil kits – namely spatulas – in trail cooking. And found that overall most of the tools are not well thought out.There are a number of things that can go wrong with camping tools – often they are made of substandard plastic and can easily melt over the intense core heat that stoves throw out. I am not a fan of halfway through pancake time and I notice my flipper is missing a corner. Ewww. Or the manufacturers make the tool too flimsy, often making them folding to save space. Not every brand is a dud of course with this – the MSR ones work – but with lesser brands if you are flipping too much weight…they can and will snap on you. Or the third pain – the petite flipper that only a woman with a small hand can use. I often use a tiny GSI one, most men would find the spatula to be too tiny – and it isn’t big enough to flip a pancake either.

Originally I tested the Primus Compact Utensil Kit last summer and fall while writing an article on cookware, but the utensils were not included. Ah well! My mind wandered back to it recently when I received a new set of the tools.

While at first the tools look big – after all they are neither folding nor petite – they are designed for larger meals. If you like to gourmet cook or cook for small groups (say 2-3 and up) with a 2or 3 Liter pot or you like to also car camp, the tool set it a great choice. It isn’t designed to work in small pots, it would be clunky. But compared to traditional tool sets they are still compact at around 9″ long. The spoon and spatula nestle together for easy transport.

Flipping eggs or pancakes? Easy. The spatula is big enough to even turn a small steak over. No worries about it not fitting your hand either – it has a substantial handle.

Is the set light? Yes and no. For what it is I find the set light at 2.5 ounces. If one is carrying larger pots those ounces are nothing in the grand scheme of things. For going UL or cooking for one it is overkill. But then again….these are tools designed for folks who like to cook!

They clean up easily, dry fast and store well. That for me is a winner. And they don’t melt while flipping a hotcake….always a bonus!


FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples for potential review.

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