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Sneak Peek Of The New FBC Cozies

Some of you (OK, way too many of you!) have noticed the dwindling FBC Cozy selection in our store. There was a reason behind it though – I have been letting the current stock sell out. I am working on a new line of the cozies, coming very, very soon – well even faster than I had planned as we literally only have a couple more cozies in stock. The new line is all NEW colors! First up will be these 5:

From left to right:

A butterfly camo for us ladies, hot flames, compass, mud (it is more hidden) and the limited run one – hiking map.

I am still looking for more designs to join the new line, don’t worry guys – I will find a camo or two for you as well!

Expect a few changes to the stores layout for the cozies as well in the very near future.

I am excited…it has been awhile since I shifted the designs. But don’t worry – they will be as light as before and yes, still made by me, one at a time! If you don’t follow our FreezerBagCooking Facebook fanpage you might want to, once they go live that is where I will mention them first.