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Nature’s Coffee (and more) Kettles

We recently received a number of Nature’s Coffee Kettles line to review. Nature’s Coffee Kettle is a line of hot beverages that come in similar packaging to freeze-dried meals and feature a handy pouring spout and handle for your hand.They come in a wide variety of flavors – as you can see below – and also more beyond.

Black Tea, Hot Apple Cider and Tomato Soup:

They have a line of coffee – Original flavor 100% Colombian with refill package and Hazelnut flavor:

Easy to open, you simply tear off the top piece and open up the top. The Tea and Coffee ones come with a filter pack inside:

Bring to a boil 4 cups water for all varieties, pour in carefully and let sit for a few minutes. For the tea and coffee you want to pour the water through slowly, letting it drip through the filter. For the tomato soup and cider you can just pour in quickly. The top of the Kettle has a zip top to seal. The bags do stay quite hot, for an extended period (this being to the bags design). On a cautionary note do not let young children help you, this is a product for teens and adults. And if you have sensitive fingers you may want to wear liner gloves while handling. On the other hand…on a cold morning these Kettles are very warming!

The pour spout comes with a twist off cap and the side of the bag has a handle for easy pouring. Each container makes 4 8 ounce servings (or in real terms 2 jumbo cups of coffee!)

The verdict?

The Black Tea:

Strong, strong good tea. Personally I could have run water through the filter twice with no issues and enjoyed a milder second cup. If you like your tea teeth bracing dark you can leave the filter in and lay the bag on its side for extended filtering.

Apple Cider:

Unlike many of the brands on the market this one is artificial dye free (thanks!). It is thicker and more intensely flavored as well. I found I liked it watered down a bit (but then I water down even my tea). Kids will love this drink, all warm and sugary 😉

The Coffees:

The Hazelnut is fantastic smelling. In fact all the coffees we tried by NCK were bold and dark. The Hazelnut didn’t need sweetener, although that would still be great. The basic coffee was as equally good on its own. You can get refill packs for the original, allowing the user to rinse out and reuse the Kettle. Which I might bring up you could in theory reuse all the Kettles if properly rinsed and aired out. They are quite heavy duty!

Tomato Soup:

I’ll be honest….I have never been a fan of tomato soup and many commercial brands of powdered soup have red food dyes so I cannot have them – this one I could have. And it wasn’t bad…which is a lot for me to say. It is smooth, dissolves easily in the hot water and is thick. I have to say it would be great served over a bowl of hot rice with Parmesan cheese on top. That would be a great dinner!

All are equally fun to prepare and would make great presents for under the Christmas tree this coming winter – especially for those who like to luxury camp!


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