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Quirky Hotel Finds

A couple weekends back Kirk and I had stayed at a Marriott property in Portland, Oregon for an extended weekend. I always keep an eye on the single serving items at the breakfast bars, this hotel had hands down the best breakfast I have seen in a “continental buffet” – it was massive and well done (and free). In one section though was a “Japanese Breakfast” that featured a new flavor of miso soup daily, Nori in single serving packets and a rice cooker, along with all the toppings. I was in love at first sight (OK, after Kirk pointed it out to me!)

The soup packets were single sized versions of the US branded ones – although they were the Japanese ones, that you see sold in multi packs in well stocked Asian grocery stores.

You just have to stop and look through the buffets at hotels when staying at them – you never know what your eyes might dance upon!


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