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Book Review: Apocalypse

Let me start this review by saying that letting a 14 year old teenage boy even seeing a book on “end of the world planning” is dumb. They will never, ever leave you alone till you let them read said book. And will then wander away with the book for the next 2 months, taking it everywhere with him – to the park, on vacation. And will then become paranoid and ask you a 1,000 questions and even start reading your subscription the Wall Street Journal – and only the parts on Government! And become obsessed that everything he reads is a sign of impending doom. Ugh.

Although I am sure I would have been exactly the same when I was his age….

Anyhow it is often that I review gloom and doom books for the blog but this one does fit in with the spirit of self reliance and parts of it can be easily adapted to actual every day use.

Apocalypse – How to Survive a Global Crisis By Dan Martin is a two part book – first the half on how crisis can happen (and in this section is the teen boy’s dream – lots of gov’t conspiracies, global war and hey even aliens!). Some of it will induce eye rolling (can’t say I believe in the existence of “Planet X” but hey I could be wrong). The second half of the book covers many things, all involving survival – from making weapons, finding shelter, food, cooking, health care and a lot more. It is solid advice but maybe not for everyone to read. It can be scary at points to read I would suppose for some (I was raised by a slightly paranoid Dad so I grew up learning how to grown my own food, slaughter animals for food and firearms). I’d say take it for what it is and you might learn new things.


FTC Disclaimer : We received a copy of this book for potential review.