Keeping Up To Date

I’ll be first to admit that I haven’t been posting as often as I once did (there was a time when my goal was a post every other day). I have had a lot get in my way of blogging here as regular but I do blog nearly daily on my personal blog/website, Gazing In. Not everyone enjoys reading about my adventures with my family so I moved my personal postings to it and found a love of blogging I had never had before – I talk about my family, my kids, food I cook, stuff I love and a ton of reviews that are not trail things. So yeah…I am still yakking, just in a different way. I even found this past spring and summer I was posting trip reports there.

And some of our readers know I am also expecting our third baby this winter, another (hopeful) mini-giant boy bringing the Kirkconnell Boy Clan to three.

So between my personal blogging, sewing cozies, dealing with my kids and the pregnancy I haven’t had as much time. Ah well. I am though always active on our Facebook Fan Pages – FreezerBagCooking is very active and then we also have one for TrailCooking. So if you ever have any questions please if you are on Facebook, come over! I always love wasting time there 😉

And while I get behind on posting the recipes over on Trailcooking at times, I am still developing new ones for every issue of Wa Trails Magazine, for our column “Trail Eats”. Which speaking of I need to import over the three last recipes…sheesh! So keep an eye out for them soon! (And if you are feeling generous the WTA is an excellent organization! And did I mention the magazine is now full color? Oh yes indeedy!)

So don’t give up on me if you don’t hear from me here for an extended period….I am still around 😉