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Food Find: Raw Pistachio Butter

Let us start this review by me admitting I have a deep fondness for nut and seed butters. I love nearly all the types out there, so much I even make my own at home. Once you start trying the “odder” ones, peanut butter starts tasting well…pedestrian. Coming across pistachio butter was one of those things that causes me to start giggling and running towards the checkout so I can go try said food……

Wilderness Poets is a small company that is based out of rural Washington State (down near Mt. St. Helens), having recently moved over from Portland, Oregon (which is well known for its crazy foodie ways!). At our local natural food chain PCC (think a less commercial version of Whole Foods) their lovely nut and seed butters are carried in single servings tubs (1.5 ounces) in 4 varieties. They are not cheap though – at $2.89 a tub. But is quality ever cheap? For special treats I don’t mind paying a bit extra. They do though have a special online, through their website, where you can get all 4 varieties at a bit better price.

Over the years I have found as well that I prefer butters made with raw nuts versus those made with roasted nuts so if one isn’t used to texture it might be odd. At first. Life is too short to eat cheap peanut butter full of hydrogenated fats! Think luscious green spread…this is nirvana in a tub:

Pistachios, olive oil and Himalayan crystal salt is all it contains. Due to being natural (yay!) you do need to stir the butter up:

The butter works with both sweet and savory applications. It is amazing on caramelized onion bread, just saying!

Up next I am planning on sourcing some of their trail mixes to review as well, since they come in single serving tubs as well…..


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