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Nutella and Go! Packets – Tasty Trail Treats

We came across these at our local Walmart – there was a display box at each check out counter:

If you are like us, Nutella is one of those things that makes an awesome snack! The single serving packets one can find at Cost Plus World Market and Minimus are amazing enough but the addition of crunchy savory bread sticks just makes it…..

The downside is the packaging, although a good boot heel to the empty container will flatten it fast enough and toss in one’s garbage bag! Walmart had them for around $1.50 per container (which is plenty big enough for one person or two small children to fight over). Not a cheap snack but worth it as special treat. Nutella doesn’t have it on their website but I would expect these will also show up at convenience stores or can be found on Amazon as well – Nutella and GO! Snack.