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Food Find: Wholesome Sweeteners Single Serving Packets

We received a care package recently from Wholesome Sweeteners of various individual serving packages, but what really caught my attention were the agave nectar ones! Included was organic blue agave, organic raw blue agave and organic blue agave flavored with maple. (Costco by the way carries the regular agave by them in squeeze bottles). Each packet was a teaspoon of some of the tastiest agave around. The packets are perfect for a cup of tea or coffee when backpacking.

They also included samples of their sugar (which Costco carries I might add!), Stevia (yum), raw cane sugar and their Zero sweetener made of Erythritol.

Now though….finding them are not so easy but I posted a message to Minimus asking if they would consider picking them up. So if you love organic agave consider dropping Minimus a note as well – I know I would like to be able to get them on a regular basis 😉


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