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The Weird and Odd Side of Outdoor Recipes

Over the years I have come up with a couple 1,000 recipes for outdoor cooking. Some are classics now (you know they have become that when you see them on websites passed around so many times your name/website/book ceases to be connected to them – sigh), some are from weird periods in my life when certain foods sounded fab. Some came come magazine editors asking for a crazy recipe (foraging anyone?) and then there is simply my sense of humor which apparently has gone over some people’s heads over the years (I love getting indignant emails from offended readers who failed to note that the recipe isn’t serious – and even then…I still have to laugh that they got mad because I used an entire can of chipped beef or Vienna Sausages. Cause we all know out there somewhere there is an old-school backpacker who is raving to his buddies “This is the best meal of Spam© I have EVER had!”) I say don’t take life too seriously and for me food is my medium of creativity. Sometimes I need to play with my food so I can get good ideas for food I would eat. And I love making weird recipes. I laugh and get excited as I shoot the photos and do the write up 😀

So want a few of the weirder and odder recipes we have done? Just realize that they might contain questionable ingredients. And the food police has already called me so you can fan yourself out of the vapors before emailing me 😉

The Salt Bowl

Possibly the worst for you and nastiest recipe I have made. It was a hoot to make it though. Thing is…back in like 1979 this was the height of eating for outdoorsmen. Seriously. You will find this salt bomb in many vintage trail cookbooks. The smell of salt/chemicals/preservatives was so intense I couldn’t touch the meal.

Bangers n’ Mash

Who wouldn’t want a scrumptious plate o’ Vienna Sausages? Mmmmmmmm (OK, maybe not….)

Spam-Tastic Lo Mein

This recipe is actually good. I mean really good. The smell when it cooks will make the most ardent Spam-Hater come begging. Maybe even convert a vegan who isn’t very grounded. Dogs will beg. So will thru-hikers.

Bacon Sushi

If there was one recipe that generated SO much hate-mail, this is it. I did this back in 2007 or so on the original blog and you would have thought every hiker out there was a certified food snob. That is only because they were all jealous they didn’t have this salty/sweet treat from the Gods. You know you want it.

Nettle Pesto

Lets just say that I needed an idea for a foraging article. It prevents scurvy. Cause you know how in 2010 scurvy is a menace to Americans. Lol…..

Blackberry Green Beans

This one is actually very tasty. Just be sure to remove all little green bugs/worms off the berries before serving your lady friend. Otherwise she might swear off backpacking and you will be “camping” at Marriott for the next 20 years. Just sayin’.

Spam-Tastic Fried Rice

OK, fine I won’t lie. I like Spam. In small amounts when fried up it is amazing. You just have to put on blinders about what it is even made of. Spam in fried rice is a treat. And I am serious about that. And this is coming from a 90% vegan. My guilty pleasure is a shiny packet of reduced sodium Spam. And I am not ashamed, no matter what the food snobs and food police think 😉 😛


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