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Cheapie Book Finds

A great way to find hiking books (and many other books!) on the cheap is to find out if your local library has book sales. Many libraries have a “Friends of the Library” program that goes to pay for special activities/programs. Where we live our library is in the massive King County Library System (busiest in the US!) and the branches put on sales often. The books are donated so you never know what might show up.

And did I mention the crazy prices? 25¢ for children books, 50¢ for paperback books and a meager $1 for hard covers. You can see why I show up and dig through the books. Over the years I have found many titles, often vintage ones. I have even padded out my Trail Cookbook Collection doing these sales…..

So last night Kirk kept Walker entertained while I went through the books on opening day. I say I came out pretty good. OK, I’ll admit I passed over this classic:

Picnic Gourmet Hmmm…maybe I should have 😉

I did though pick up these titles:

A Complete Guide to Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument I realized I didn’t get a chance to take Walker down to St. Helens this past summer. We will have to make sure we do next summer!

Nature in the City Seattle A neat little book for urban wanderings!

Friday Harbor and San Juan Island (Umbrella Guide) I have a very soft spot for the San Juan Islands and especially so for Friday Harbor, the “big” town on the San Juan Island (last stop on the ferry ride before Canada!).

Take a Walk: 100 Walks Through Natural Places in the Puget Sound Region Another guide book that is good for urban wanderings.

Death Valley Wildflowers Anytime I see one of the wildflower books produced for national park areas I have to pick them up. I have a number of them. THe drawings are always so well done and often with full color photos. And hey, I haven’t been to Death Valley yet…so it can help my dreaming, planning and scheming!

I felt like I had gotten a steal – all the above for a measly $2.50. Ooh-la-la!

But maybe I should have gotten the cheezy picnic book. I am sure I will regret not – hah!