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Almond Butter Squeeze Packets Revisited

Back in early 2009 I had written about a new product I came across at the yearly VegFest in Seattle, an almond butter by Barney Butter. Earlier this week I was in Whole Foods and saw packets of almond butter that I didn’t recognize but the name was nagging at me. Well, it was the same delicious almond butter but with much snazzier packaging!

The packaging is considerably friendlier for kneading the butter before you open it (to get the oils to mix back in), more durable and lets face it…a lot neater looking. The company has also brought the packets out in two sizes, 0.6 ounce and 1.06 ounces. The smaller is the “calorie pack” meaning it is for smaller appetites. The 1.06 ounce packet is perfect for hiking, you can slather the almond butter on heavily. The option though is nice, the smaller packet would be well suited to children as well. The company sells direct on their website in various amounts (and has a “Buy $50 get free shipping deal”). Or look for it in Whole Foods in the nut/peanut butter aisle.

As for the almond butter? It is very tasty and smooth. It works as well on bagels as it does in recipes (you can use almond butter in nearly all recipes that call for peanut butter).

It is also sold on Amazon, if you have Prime Shipping you can get a decent deal on the packets:
Barney Butter Almond Butter 0.6-Ounce
Barney Butter Almond Butter 1.06 Ounce