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Thanksgiving In The Wilds 2011

I don’t view Thanksgiving as a meal, rather a weekend of fun – be it at home or out camping. Short days, long nights and cold weather and lots of good eats! Need some inspiration for meals, from easy to gourmet?

Thanksgiving On The Trail is a section on Trailcooking that I have worked on for a couple years. It has many fun recipes to try out including this feast:

Sourdough Stuffing, Homemade Cranberry Sauce and Mashed Potatoes with Meat Gravy.

Need some Green Bean Casserole to go with that?

The Thanksgiving On The Trail section contains all the recipes and a lot more – from the above to The Trashy Thanksgiving and a Lower-sodium option as well.

Also check out:

Roast Chicken with Cranberry Sauce

For a tasty morning treat make a pan of Cranberry Pan Biscuits:

Need a fun meal that even young Scouts can do? FBC Hybrid Thanksgiving is a snap to make:

An easy meal for one? FBC Friendly and tasty – you will be eating quickly: Cranberry Chicken Rice

Fall inspired lunches?

Harvest Chicken Salad Wraps

Pecan Cranberry Ranch Sammmies

Desserts? Munchies?

Mocha Pudding with Glazed Pecans

Candied Pecans

And of course one can pick up single serving pies at many grocery stores/c-stores or you can pack in slices of homemade pie in light weight sandwich boxes (cram as much as you can in one box! If it gets mushed it is still edible….). Look for seasonal flavors of instant pudding mixes (pumpkin spice appears some years). Or save the pie for the way home as a treat for freezing 😉 That with a peppermint mocha is just heaven!