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Food Find: Swanson Flavor Boost Packets

Another option is out in grocery stores for those who love broth sticks (I know we do!). If you haven’t seen broth sticks, think of it as very concentrated broth in a small pouch. Unlike bouillon powder it has a deep and rich flavor, with each stick making 8 ounces of broth. I am a huge fan of the sticks sold at Trader Joe’s:

Boxes of 12 sticks, they sell for $3.99 and are reduced sodium (less than 400 mg per stick). Of course, if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby that isn’t any help!

There has been an option for the company that makes the sticks, Savory Choice, to get the whole line of flavors (TJ’s flops back and forth on what they carry) but they are not cheap. Packitgourmet also carries the line as well. The line is all equally good in taste and well worth the cost. But the one issue is finding the products. So when I saw these today I was interested:

Swanson Flavor Boost sticks, sold in packs of 8 in three flavors. The upside is it will be easy to find, the downside is it has twice the sodium as the other brands (over 800 mg per stick). Still, it is a great find and will be great in trail meals!


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