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Presents In The Mail: Lunabars and Lipbalm

I happen to be a longtime fan of Lunabars (and as always noted – guys you can eat them. You won’t be any less manly.) So I was pretty excited to see this in my post office box yesterday morning:

Yum! A Chocolate Peppermint Stick bar and ooh….a matching all natural lipbalm. Lets just say that the “seasonal flavors” of the bars are some of my favorite and the lipbalm is even better. The bummer is it doesn’t appear teh balm is sold, it is promotional only. HintHint Lunabar – this stuff needs to be sold! It is smooth, tasty and has no petroleum products in it. Now to hide it away for this winter where no else can find it……


FTC Disclaimer: We received these products complimentary.

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