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2011: A Year of Hiking and Not Hiking – In Photos

2011 goes down into history in a matter of days and if anything it was the slowest year of hiking for me in well over a decade. But I was OK with that. I had my reasons and what I did get in made up for what I didn’t. But I made a lot of memories and had a wonderful time doing the hikes we got. My hikes were built around the youngest this year and finding out we were having a third baby in June changed the game even more. Pregnancy has slowed me down but it also has given me plenty of time to dream of next summer’s hikes.(And did I forget to mention that pesky La Nina where it dumped snow like crazy in late winter/spring and then was so cold we had nearly no summer? The trails were buried in alpine till late August. If anything….I picked a good year to be out of commission!)

This photo is what my year was. Walker at Paradise, at Mt. Rainier, on August 1st. There was still well over 5 feet of snow on the ground behind us. He was so happy, scampering around in it after this photo was taken:

In February with Walker, on a regional trail system at Cougar Mountain:

Mama and Baby out hiking:

On a cold morning hike in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains:

Cold but why waste a sunny day?

Walker is a big boy, I realized that when he went to a back carrier and I was carrying 45 lbs of him and gear!

Even in the late winter/spring the low foothills have their own bleak beauty:

Along the Cedar River in Washington:

Snuggled up warm n’ cozy in his BOB jogger stroller in spring, out on a rail to trail hike:

An overly excited hiking partner 😉

What happens when two outdoor trail cooking mavens hike together and have lunch after hiking 😉 (That is Teresa of One Pan Wonders fame):

Along the Green River canyon having a post lunch hike:

On Whidbey Island at Ebey’s Landing with Kirk, going down to the Lagoons and the water:

On a trip out along the Carbon River at Mt. Rainier (when all else fails with snow levels, The Carbon is always pretty!):

Kirk and Walker contemplating a hike at Rainier:

On one of the forks of the Snoqualmie River:

Hiking near the city of Olympia, Washington at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge:

Silver Falls at Mt. Rainier in early summer:

At Sunrise, Mt. Rainier on the 4th of July. The snow was still 7 to 10 feet deep:

Mt. Rainier hid in the clouds in mid-July:

Mt. Rainier from near Chinook Pass in mid-summer:

Along the White River at Mt. Rainier:

Mt. Rainier in August, finally starting to melt out:

Paradise River (a creek these days):

Glacier Basin, at Mt. Rainier. Of all the hiking I did this year it was the hardest. I was about 3 months pregnant and very anemic. The trail had finally been restored, after being wiped out a few years ago, opened up the day before and I didn’t want to miss my chance to hike it. Lynn talked me the whole way, pushing me to do it. And it was worth it – in 2003 I had tried to go to Glacier Basin only to be turned back by deep snow and regretted never going back. We saw a black bear feasting on the way down and while it exhausted me, it was worth the normally easy 7 or so miles!

In September hiking on the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail near where we live, enjoying the easy months 😉

More urban “hiking” with Walker. Moochie ducks and little boys go hand in hand:

In the late fall I took Kirk out for lunch at Salish Lodge – with a certain little one with us. After lunch we walked along the viewpoints for Snoqualmie Falls where someone had way too much fun on the rocks. Oh, it wasn’t “wildernessey” but who cares. He had fun. So did we. And that is all that matters!

But as fall came and got further along I quit hiking, I even quit the gym. Spending my late fall and coming winter just being lazy. Spring will be here soon enough, the trails will melt out and the flowers will come again. And the hiking will start again (as will that pesky gym). For now I fill my time with a lot of Mommy/food blogging on my personal website.

May you all enjoy the Solstice coming up soon and think of the coming spring!