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Food Find: Plum Amazins Diced Dried Plums

Prunes, er, I mean dried plums, don’t usually rank up there as exciting outdoor food but the new packages of of Sunsweet® Plum Amazins™ Diced Dried Plums caught my eyes:

Dried plums tend to be really sticky/messy so I don’t carry them often (especially in summer when they start sweating and get even more sticky) and chopping them up is even more of a mess so I was wondering how these would fare. The plums are diced up (very toddler friendly I might add) and are not sticky, yet are still plenty soft for easy chewing.

They are delicious eaten plain and in trail mix would be even better. Perfect as well for adding to oatmeal and even rice or pasta dishes (plums work well for both sweet and savory dishes!).

Find them with the dried fruit in grocery stores (I found the 9 ounce hard sided container for $2 on sale this week).

PS: The container would also recycle well into a cracker holder for later use!



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