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Book Review: Cook Wild

Very European is the elegant new cookbook Cook Wild: Year-Round Cooking on an Open Fire, which is being released this spring in the US. The book is an English version of her current book, which is in German.  Covering the basics of making fire, types of wood, how to cook over an open fire and more intriguing – the many ways to cook meals – from clay pots to skewers to rocks and so on. The author’s specialty is wild plants and she showcases it with a lovely section on wild plants – from seasoning to berries to nuts and even making herbal teas. Then the book gets into luscious recipes that go by season – spring, summer, fall and winter.

Is it backpacking food? Not necessarily, but for camping it would be wonderful. Even great in the backyard on a summer evening! Although many of the recipes can be adapted – for example a recipe for Acorn Flatbread with a Wild Berry Puree? It sounds wonderful! The recipe for Nettle Chips is one I will be trying out this coming spring (pack gloves and a large Ziploc© gallon bag!). The Pizza Calzones on page 49 would impress nearly everyone when car camping!

The majority of the book is the recipes and every recipe is accompanied by lush photography. It is a lovely book I am happily adding to out extensive Trail & Outdoor Library.


FTC Disclaimer: We received a review copy.