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Food Find: Johnny’s Creamy Potato Soup Mix

Recent find at Costco – 2 lb containers of Johnny’s All Natural Creamy Potato Soup mix:

Even comes with recipe ideas 😉

Nutritional stats:

Costco is selling it for $7.79. The tub is 24 servings. The soup mix is trans-fat free, no MSG and gluten free but does contain chicken (so not vegetarian friendly). While it could be used to make soup, what it works great in is using the dry mix to flavor meals – such as with instant rice and instant mashed potatoes. 2 Tbsp (half a serving) adds plenty of creamy flavor and only a couple hundred milligrams of sodium. It is also a great addition to long term storage for emergencies if left unopened (Ours is good for a year from now).


5 thoughts on “Food Find: Johnny’s Creamy Potato Soup Mix

  1. I like your soup, it is about as close to what my mother made as can be and that is saying a lot my mom was a good, no she was a very very good cook. Roy

  2. This is the best dry potato soup mix I ever had. I tried it plain, with chopped broccoli and with some crumbled turkey sausage and Velveeta. Every time it’s a hit. I often have soup potlucks with friends and they always ask for the ‘recipe’.

  3. Love the soup but our Wilsonville,Ore Costco no long carries it. Where can we find some in our area?

  4. I love this soup. But our costco in vancouver,Wa.ha only had twice in the last few years. Most of the people I know like it to. I WISH OUR COSTCO WOUL CARRY IT ALL THE TIME.

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