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Food Find: Bella Sun Luci Tomatoes

I really enjoy the intense flavor of sun-dried tomatoes in backpacking recipes. A little goes a long way and brings a freshness to even boxed meals (for all you Lipton and Knorr eaters out there!) One of my go-to brands for a long time has been Bella Sun Luci, a family owned company out of California. I find them in the produce department, often hidden up high. It is worth looking for, they are soft (fair warning they do use sulfites for this) and don’t need rehydrating time – you can eat them right out of the bag even (perfect for lunch wraps!). But what I like most is the “julienne-cut” they sell. Pre-Cut and ready to go!

The choices include: Halves, Julienne-cut with Italian Basil (so good!), regular Julienne-cut and Julienne-cut with zesty peppers (perfect for spicy pasta!).

The 3.5 ounce bags are about $3 retail – but will last a long time. You don’t need a lot of tomatoes for great taste (a couple Tablespoons is plenty).

Need some recipe ideas? Here are a couple from Trailcooking!

Thai Tomato Soup

Veghead Couscous Pilaf

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Harvest Pasta


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