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Food Find: Quaker Real Medleys

Keep an eye out in the cereal aisle for the new Quaker Real Medleys™ oatmeal cups (so new they are not on their website yet). The cups seem to be Quakers answer to Starbucks and other companies fancy cups of instant oatmeal that sell at a premium price. The cups are instant oats fancied up with the addition of premium nuts, fruits, berries and flavorings. Is it worth it? Maybe. If you are in a rush to plan a trip you can pick up a convenient breakfast and not even have to worry about packing a bowl. You could of course make a similar breakfast cheaper at home in bulk,  but that would mean you have to have a well stocked pantry. Something to consider.

There are 4 flavors: Cherry Pistachio Jubilee, Summer Berry Blend, Country Apple Walnut and Peach Almond Grove.

They stand out from instant oats by the addition of barley and rye, giving the oatmeal a nice chewy texture.

The cups:

The oats are full size, not finely ground:

Add boiling water, stir and let sit for 3 minutes (it takes about 1/3 cup but for thinner go to 1/2 cup, it thickens up quite a bit when cooling):

The taste tester:

The 2 year old (Walker) really enjoyed it:

Amazon has all the varieties listed (Quaker Real Medleys) but they are not selling yet.


12 thoughts on “Food Find: Quaker Real Medleys

  1. $2????????????? Geez……………. That is a lot of cash for one meal especially when you can buy a whole thing of instant oats for a little over $2 and it is good for a million meals.

  2. Also, I loved the Cherry Pistachio one! The walnut apple was good to. I’m excited to try peach!

  3. I just tried the Country Apple Walnut and it was delicious! I’ll be stocking up and keeping these on hand. So much tastier than regular oatmeal.

  4. I just ate the Apple Walnut Oatmeal, really enjoyed it and I’m not a big oatmeal fan, especially the plain varieties. And they really do pack a lot of fruit and nuts in the container and not cheat you. Says the cranberries are tart, but they really aren’t which is good. $2 is high, but worth it since Oatmeal is good for you. I figure it is cheaper than medication and medical care for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes if it is part of a diet plan.
    Great for traveling, since most hotels give you coffee pots to brew hot water. Good job Quaker! Now bring on those coupons!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Seriously, I think I found a new go-to breakfast. I used to eat the Better Oats packages and would have to try to remember to bring a bowl to work. I found these next to those in the grocery store. So quick and easy and filling. I love that there isn’t a bad ingredient in the list! Sure they are a bit more, but for the convenience factor, I’ll take it! 🙂

  6. I LOVE this stuff!!! I got tired of oatmeal a while back and stopped eating it. I tried these little containers and I am sold! They are easy to make, taste delicious, and are good for you. What a wonderful mid-morning snack at the office. I want to buy them in bulk!

  7. I tried the Cherry Pistachio and the Peach Almond – they were both DELICIOUS! Yes, they are pricey but I thought it was worth it. I’d like to see them made with organic oats and maybe a little less sugar. I’ll be sure to stock up whenever they’re on sale!

  8. Funny–I tried the Peach Almond, which I got on clearance at the store for 89 cents…there was some metallic flavor that was terribly overpowering and made it inedible. Sad! It sounded like it’d be delicious. Here’s hoping I have better luck with the Cherry one. =)

  9. Am just trying my first one, cherry pistachio and it is wonderful! Like Sarah, I had been bring the Better Oats to work (still have 2 in my desk drawer), but the convenience of this Quaker product, heat eat and toss is great. Cannot wait to try the Peach Almond.

  10. i bought one of each and was not disappointed. dont mind paying higher prices for a quality, natural, easy to use product so far have tried the apple and the cherry. now Oatmeal is a treat not a chore. tks Quaker…. pjill

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