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Food Find: Navitas Power Snack in Blueberry Hemp

I have enjoyed many of Navitas Naturals products, using them often in my at-home recipes (and energy bars) so I was looking forward to trying out their Power Snack line.We were sent the Blueberry Hemp to try:

Taking the best of their products they came up with 3 flavors of soft “bites” to enjoy. The bags are 8 ounces and have 8 servings (each is 1 ounce), The pieces are rough cut, some big, some small, so if one cares they might want to weigh out each helping. It isn’t cheap at $8.99 a bag but you are getting quality for what you pay for. They are gluten free, raw, vegan and organic. It is a nice way to introduce for example, chia seeds into your diet. In treats they don’t seem so scary!

My kids enjoy them but they are used to Mom making raw treats with seeds/nuts. I’ll be honest here – if your idea of trail treats is Ho Ho’s, Snickers and Pop Tarts these will probably be too “hippy food” tasting. But if you like energy bars, step up! Enjoy the taste of a fresh, vibrant treat rather than soy protein powder packed into a bar….and I know…junk food tastes good but your body will love you if you explore new foods (and after awhile the junk food doesn’t taste as good!). And these bites are excellent tasting.

Ingredients: date paste, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, dried blueberries, sesame seeds, hemp powder, maca powder, lucuma powder, maqui powder, natural blueberry flavor, camu camu powder – yum!


FTC Disclaimer: We received products for potential review.

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