Ecoditty Bags

Recently we received samples from Eco Ditty of their organic cotton snack bags (ditty bags!). Reusable food bags have been getting easier to find, especially at farmer markets (a local favorite of mine is Mama Luvs). Ecoditty’s has a nice design – an envelope with soft Velcro© to close it. The long flap keeps food in.

The bags are 6×4″ in size and weigh 0.8 of an ounce. They are machine-washable.

Will bags like this replace plastic bags? For some uses, yes, they can. If you are carrying crackers, baby carrots , peas, grapes or other items such as raw nuts they work well. Not so great for neon-orange encrusted Doritos© (yuck anyways) or wet produce (say watermelon!). The bags also work well to organize small items such as tins of lip balm, mini tools and other things that tend to wander off in packs. I found that to be a great application last weekend – I stashed all my small items I like to have on hand in my pack’s top pocket. Normally I use a freezer bag in pint size, they last a couple of trips. The bag was much classier to say the least.

So consider the value of cotton bags for some things, they can be handy!


One thought on “Ecoditty Bags

  1. Yup, my daughter loves packing these with wheat thins and grapes..don’t ask 🙂
    Anyways, they look great and so far have lasted a long time, even after washing in dishwasher!

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