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Book Review: Fitness For Geeks

Released at the start of the month is Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health, a new book from O’REILLY books and Makezine. There are a lot of folks who work in tech who also like to hike and backpack, my husband being one of them. So I poked through the book (and fittingly read it in e-book form!) to see if I could glean any new ideas for Kirk. I smiled as I read page 11 where the encouragement is to quit using traditional desks while working – Kirk already went that route and has been using a GeekDesk for quite some time. For Kirk, simply not using a traditional desk has been fantastic for his being more limber. I’d highly encourage looking into the desk setups if you sit all day and want to stay in better shape. As a side bonus, with the desk going up and down, you can make your desk and triple monitors child proofed from sticky fingered toddlers! (Quite helpful if you work from home)

The book covers a wide range of subjects, from evaluating your current way of life, to online fitness tools and apps, to a number of sections discussing food and nutrition, to getting outside and how to use a gym.

I’ll admit for me the geek factor was a wee bit too strong, where as I can see my husband enjoying the style of reading, the e-book version has many links in it, a nice touch. I also read the paper version and while the links are listed, being able to click through really works and is a bonus for going digital.

There are many good points but honestly I just couldn’t get through the fasting section. Or talking about dumpster diving/freeganism. That was one step over whack-o-ville for me. I think the book could be of use to me if I simply chose to not read certain sections! And maybe Kirk will pick up ideas as well…..


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